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I started working with crystal and glass beads in 2006. Soon the positive reactions from friends, family but also strangers, who saw me and others wear the jewellery, encouraged me to make more models and use different materials. We now work with Swarovski crystal beads, Czech glass beads, Japanese Miyuki and Toho beads. We pride ourselves to produce jewellery using the highest quality beads and accessories. All products are hand-woven and thoroughly checked. 

We like to offer a range of products which cater for different styles or varying occasions. Although we like to offer a broad range, our products all share being original, unique and not commonly seen. As all our products are hand-woven by my colleague Carol or myself, we like to think each piece holds a personal touch, ensuring we only offer the best quality.


A fundamental part and gratification of the work is to involve and develop local capacity. I have trained two Kenyan girls from the local community of who one, Carol, is now working full-time with me doing a great job and able to assist her sister to finish school. Carol is keen to use and convey her skills to train another person who could benefit from learning such skills.

All-in-all I simply hope you will be interested in our products which we love making and seen to be worn...!


 Annick Deridder